Media coverage

National and international media coverage of the lab’s research on altruism, morality and antisocial behavior, and emotional facial expressions.


NatGeoWhat science tells us about good and evil” – August 2017

6a00d8341c5e8f53ef014e8928cb17970d-800wi  Are we wired to be altruistic?” (TED Radio Hour) – May 2017

imgresWhat makes people donate a kidney to a stranger?” – April 2017

New Scientist “Would you give one of your kidneys to a stranger?” – June 2017

WSJ11-344x230“The psychopath, the altruist and the rest of us” – April, 2016

Newshour Want to be happy? Giving is more gratifying than receiving.” – January 2016

bbc-blocks-dark “The complicated ways that money messes with your morals“. – September 2016

6a00d8341c5e8f53ef014e8928cb17970d-800wi “The biology of altruism: Good deeds may be rooted in the brain.” – September 2014

250px-The_Economist_Logo.svg “Extreme altruism–Right on!” – September 2014

new_york_magazine_logo“Who would donate a kidney to a stranger? An ‘anti-psychopath'” – September 2014

LATimes-Logo-1“Brains of kidney donors seem built for generosity.” – September 2014

Times London Logo.indd“How altruism is hardwired in the brain.” – September 2014

Daily News “Brains of altruists, psychopaths, are different: study” – September 2014 

Slate_logoIs anybody watching my do-gooding? The difference between being a hero and an altruist.” – October 2014

dribbble_vox_large “The science of extreme altruism: Why people risk their lives to save strangers.” – October 2014

logo-header “Inside the brains of extreme altruists” – July 2015

menshealth “Are living organ donors saints… or lunatics?” – December 2014

US_newslogo “Could people’s well-being affect likelihood of kidney donation?” – February 2014

huffington-post-logo “Who gives a kidney to a stranger?” – January 2014

huffington-post-logo “High well-being could make you more altruistic.” – January 2014

ScienceDaily_logo “Altruistic acts more common in states with high well-being.” – January 2014

Morality and antisocial behavior

The independent “How to spot a psychopath … and what to do if you know one” – August 2015

Slate_logo“Less guilty by reason of neurological defect: Should psychopaths serve more or less prison time than other criminals?” by Abigail Marsh – October 2012

logo “A moral gene?” – October 2011

scienceAndReligionTodayLogo  “Could our genes make moral consensus on certain issues impossible?” – October 2011

olbannerleft “Inaugural podcast – Adolescents with psychopathic traits report reductions in physiological responses to fear.” – August 2011

logo The problem with psychopaths? A fearful face doesn’t deter them“. – September 2009

nimh_logo_144835_3 “Cold, unfeeling traits linked to distinctive brain patterns in kids with severe conduct problems.” – February 2008

Emotional facial expressions

New_APS_logo “Nonverbal accents: Cultural nuances in emotional expression.” – April 2014

Slate_logo“Can you guess these athletes’ nationalities?” – July 2012

newscientist_logo_rgb “Fearful expressions evolved to mimic babies’ faces.” – February 11 2009

greater_good “Facing fear.”  – Winter 2008

newsweek-logo “Can you hear her scream?”  – May 21 2007

cropped-masthead-long-trans1 “Fear recognition skills predict kind actions.” – Oct 31 2007

url  “Beauty flattery.”  – December 2007

logo “Unspoken accents: Nonverbal language reveals your roots.”  – August 2007

newsweek-logo “Looking years younger.”  – December 13 2004